TV & wood burning

The Art of Wood and Fire

Nature has always been a man’s main source of inspiration . For those who listen to her voice , Mother Nature has a lot to talk about. In our next feature, we’re going to learn more about an art that takes us through a walk in the forest .

Exploring Fars Province

 Throughout centuries , caves have been shelters for mankind , a haven where they could take refuge in from the dangers of the outside world . Caves have also been considered as mystical and magical realms and in some cultures, gateways to the underworld . Right now , we’re heading off to the Shiraz province , to see more of an amazing cave known as Shapour .

Sightseeing in an ancient Land

So now we’re off to a city which was once the capital of the Persian empire in the 16th century . This place is filled with historic wonders and amazing sites that will keep travelers busy for days and days as they wander through the city , exploring . 

press tv – Mon Nov 27, 2017